How to cook the perfect steak

Wagyu is the most forgiving steak to cook.

You can use the following method for all our steak cuts.

Most importantly – always cook your steak from room temperature – never straight from the fridge.

On the hob

Use a hot empty pan (no oils or butters) to sear the steak on both sides before lowering the heat to cook to your taste.

With Wagyu, rare or blue is not recommended since it doesn’t give the marbling time to melt and work its magic.

Resting the steak is as important as cooking it.

Once cooked, sit it flat to rest for about 5 minutes, allowing the juices to settle and the marbling to moisten. Season with a pinch of salt.

On the BBQ

With thicker cuts a BBQ is the best way to cook.

DON’T fill your BBQ with charcoal and create immense heat. Leave half the total surface area without charcoal.

Once your BBQ heat has stabilised and you have an internal heat of between 150C and 170C, you are ready to go.

Lie your raw steaks directly above the charcoal so the fat drips on the coals, creating a flame which will in turn start to form a crust on the steaks.

Once your steaks are sealed put them above the area with no charcoal so they can cook on residual heat and close the top of the BBQ.

Leave for approximately 20 minutes and probe until internal temperature is 57C-60C (med rare-med). Then take out to rest for 5 minutes – and enjoy.

Potato wedges roasted in Wagyu fat

Our favourite side with Wagyu steak is oven-roasted potato wedges in gourmet Wagyu fat.

Cut the potato into thick wedges and season with salt, pepper and Paprika.

Add a dollop of gourmet Wagyu fat to the baking tray and pop into the over at 200C till liquid (about 30 seconds).

Place wedges in the tray and toss in the liquid Wagyu fat until they’re covered.

Put them back in oven for 40 minutes, turning halfway so they’re evenly coloured and crunchy.

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